Advice to the parents of teenagers

As we all know, adolescence is one of the most difficult periods for both the child and his parents. For some children, the problems associated with this crisis age will influence their whole adulthood and later behavior, for others -this challenge is not so big of a trouble, but everyone is forced to pass this test.

Having children that are in their “teen’s”, you should be especially attentive to them as people who are growing up and choose methods of their education really carefully and consciously.

1. In adolescence, children begin to evaluate the lives of their parents.

Teenagers, especially gorgeous russian girls , discuss the behavior, actions, appearance of moms and dads, teachers, acquaintances, and constantly compare it. At some point, the result of this comparison will affect your relationship with your son or daughter. It can be both pleasant and unpleasant for you. So, if you do not want to lose face and respect, start preparing for this assessment as soon as possible.

2. The main thing in your relationship with a child should be mutual understanding

To make it stable, you must take the initiative and not hide the offense. You should not grumble on the child when they pronounce their desires and feelings, you shouldn't either try to always resist them. But if you cannot or do not consider it necessary to fulfill the desire of a son or daughter, you need to explain why.

And in general, talk more with your children, tell about your work, discuss how is life going and ask about theirs, know their interests and concerns, friends and teachers. Children should feel that you love them, that in any situation they can rely on your advice and help, and not be afraid of being rejected or neglected.

3. Surprise your kids and you will be remembered!

The one who makes an unexpected and strong impression becomes interesting and wins respect. What attracts a child in an adult? Power of mind - but not violence.

Your skills also attract children - for example, dad knows how to ski, repair TV, drive a car, and mother draws, cooks delicious cakes, tells funny stories... The life of parents, their habits, and views have a much greater influence on a child than long moral talks.

4. Do you want your child to be strong and healthy?

Then learn yourself and teach them the basics of knowledge about your body, how to maintain good health and peace of mind.

The main thing is to teach the body to cope with the stress, first of all physical, because exercises train not only muscles, but also all vital systems. Of course, physical loads must be suitable for the age capabilities of the child. And it is absolutely necessary for the child to understand: there is no happiness without health.

5. How much time per week do you spend with your children?

Be sure to think about what your child will do during the hours free from school and lessons. Sports sections (do not forget to talk with the coach yourself) will not just take time but will help improve their health, as well as free the excess energy, and develop motor skills and abilities. In the house of children's creativity, you can learn to sew, build airplanes, write poems. So, when you do not spend time with your kid, do not let them stay idle and get bored with this life.