Helping the leftie to write

Discovering that your child likes to use her left hand better than right hand can be surprising. It is because commonly people use their right hand more dominantly to write, draw, cook, and other activities. Lots of signs you should notice. For example, when your child wants to eat the biscuit you offer, she is going to use her left hand to grab it. Or, she automatically uses the left hand to apply the crayon on the coloring sheet. You may meet and discuss with the experts before judging that you are raising the leftie little princess. But, noticing the daily activities seems to be enough to get the conclusion.

Then, what should you do after that? Go online to read more sources about treating the left handed. You may also join community or supporting group to gather more information. The point is that having leftie child is not a disaster. You have to be positive because she is the same smart and active child as the other right handed children. Your child only has slight difference from others. You are not allowed to train her to against her natural desires. It will be ambivalent to use both hands for writing, right? At the first steps, she will find some difficulties in understanding your guidance, especially when you are not left handed. You cannot feel how to be leftie, so that you do not find the right guidance.

The most important starting point is you need to make sure your child is interested in writing. It is very difficult to guide your child to write when she is not interested at all. More than three years old child usually is interested to write. Next, make sure she can hold the pencil well. Tell her that her right hand can be used to hold the paper. Since she is leftie, the paper position should be rotated about forty five degrees clockwise. This way, she will be easier in looking at their writing, whether she makes proper “A” or not. Watch the pencil and wrist position, so that it will ease her in moving it. Do not forget to motivate her regularly to increase her self confidence. She needs to feel the same as her friends who write with their right hand.