Nothing wrong to be leftie

Most parents will be quite surprised when they discover that their children like to use their left hand better than the right one. The common action toward this is directly guiding the children to keep using the right hand. When they want to eat, they hold the spoon on the left hand. Automatically parents will think that is not true. They will take the spoon and give it their right hand. In addition, in certain cultures in the world, using left hand to do daily activities is considered as impolite. However, there are many things that you as parent have to know related to this matter. Being leftie is not a mistake and it is not something against the nature. Both right and left hand are functional and it is not a big problem when the left is more dominant.

Common opinion about this is that children become leftie because their parents do not guide them maximally in activating the right hand. Forget about this because you can do nothing when your child right brain is more active than the left one. Give her a toy and see her reaction in holding the toy. If she keeps using her left hand to hold the toy, you may think that she is the leftie. What about when she writes or use crayon? Left or right hand that is more dominant? What make people worry about being leftie is the people’s acceptance and the public facilities sometimes are not design for the lefties. So, parents keep forcing their children against the nature by training them to use the right hand.

Actually, you are forbidden to force your child to keep using the right hand. The reasons are your child will start to develop problems in concentrating and there will be negative psychological effects later on in life. What you should do is helping your child to maximize using the left hand. If she wants to write with her left hand, guide her to use the right hand to hold the paper properly. Think positively so that you can support your child to be positive with her condition. She can be more creative in writing and coloring with your guide. If you keep complaining about her leftie, it is totally useless. Your child will be more confuse and stressful because you ask her to do something she cannot do at all. Accordingly, you have no other choice except keep guiding your leftie child and act normally. Since, there is nothing wrong to be leftie.