When it is the right time to have a second child

A lot of men think about this issue when starting slavic girls dating. Many parents would like to have a second child. But some try to minimize the possible age difference while others, on the contrary, constantly put off the next pregnancy and come up with a whole bunch of "valid" reasons. But there are those who are trying to find a middle ground when the birth of another child will be most successful from all sides.

Advice to the parents of teenagers

As we all know, adolescence is one of the most difficult periods for both the child and his parents. For some children, the problems associated with this crisis age will influence their whole adulthood and later behavior, for others -this challenge is not so big of a trouble, but everyone is forced to pass this test.

let your child to be physically active

Your child surely needs to explore the world as much as possible. It is started when she is going to be able to walk. She will continuously want to go to all parts of your home. After finish with that, she will ask you to take her to the garden, playground, and neighborhood. Let her
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Increase the lefties’ self confidence

When your child is about two or three years, she will be interested more in coloring, drawing, and writing. This is the crucial time because she will explore her creativity and prove whether her coordination works well or not. She must be very excited with the crayons and pencils you have provided. Then, when she
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Helping the leftie to write

Discovering that your child likes to use her left hand better than right hand can be surprising. It is because commonly people use their right hand more dominantly to write, draw, cook, and other activities. Lots of signs you should notice. For example, when your child wants to eat the biscuit you offer, she is
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Nothing wrong to be leftie

Most parents will be quite surprised when they discover that their children like to use their left hand better than the right one. The common action toward this is directly guiding the children to keep using the right hand. When they want to eat, they hold the spoon on the left hand. Automatically parents will
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Be proud of your active children

It will be so lovely to see your child plays basketball or football with their friends. His face looks very happy and sometimes you will get the story about the way he and his team win the game. Another time, he will ask you to accompany him to go swimming. Or, he proudly tells you
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